Out of nowhere the Aston Martin DB10 was announced. But before you get too excited: it’s a limited run of 10 cars exclusively created for the upcoming James Bond movie, SPECTRE. It also celebrates the 50-year partnership of Aston Martin with the 007-franchise.

Aston Martin DB10 for James Bond

No technical details were disclosed but the design offers hints to the successor of the DB9 which should arrive in 2016. Will that car also be named DB10? Only future will tell.
What we do know is that this model will be the first one to feature a new aluminium architecture and AMG-engines.

The DB10’s shape seems similar to the V8 Vantage, but features some lines different from the ones featured by Aston’s current model range. A modern interpretation of the Aston Martin styling, which will hopefully result in some new exciting models.