Bentley Turbo R for sale

I just found this great-looking 1992 Bentley Turbo R at Brabocars. The Bentley Turbo R is one of my favourite british luxury classic cars. I prefer the Bentleys of that time above the Rolls-Royces because of the more aggressive front (double round headlights) and better roadholding, due to stiffer anti-roll bars and damping.

Bentley Turbo R @

Bentley Turbo R @

The lovely combination of Midnight Blue (very dark blue) combined with a tan leather interior (which seems in very good condition), puts this particular Bentley Turbo R very high on my wish list.

There is something about this model that makes it so undistinguishable british with real presence. I mean, if you see this enormous car (5.2 metres-207 inches long and 2 meters – 79 inches wide) it just commands respect. And its angular styling is just plain timeless and utterly elegant.

In today’s traffic, it is considered a dinosaur with its 6.75 litre V8 with a 4-speed automatic. The power figures were never officially stated but are estimated to be around 300 hp with 600nm – 486 lb/ft of torque. Although it weighs in at around 2.400 kg – 5291 lb, it reaches 0-100km/h in around 7s, which is very respectable, even by today’s standards.

For me, the most appealing is the interior, where you sit on large comfortable seats (which wouldn’t look out of place in a mansion), looking on a leather covered dashboard with an atypical layout of gauges and buttons. Combined with even more leather, luxurious carpets (you don’t call it “floor mats” 😉 ) and chrome around the interiour, I can’t imagine anything more luxurious (and charismatic) to drive in.

This lovely car would be a nice upgrade to my 1989 Jaguar XJ. Maybe some day …