Door handles, from Cuba with love

A travel story on Cuba? Not something you would expect on my blog? Well, this article has a unique perspective that struck me. During his stay in Cuba Brian Van Der Brug had the luminous idea to photograph the door handles of the numerous classic American cars which rule the Cuban streets. Depicting their current state and offering an insight in the Cuban car scene. From perfect restored examples to almost (literally) not-existing ones.
Apparently these cars are passed on to each generation and are therefore also an integral part of the Cuban life.
A great tradition if you ask me and a lovely idea of Brian!

Brian wrote:
“On my taxi ride from Havana’s Jose Martí airport to my hotel, I was struck by the sheer number of classic cars.
I knew Cuba had a collection of cars that predated the revolution, but the variety was amazing. The door handles of these midcentury marvels caught my eye because each seemed to be an indicator of the condition of the rest of the car.
I realized I could share a bit of the soul of these cars just by photographing the handles, a sort of a metaphor for the opening of the doors to Cuba.”

Be sure to visit the original article “Getting a handle on Cuba”-LA Times, for a lot more pictures and a lovely video. It’s short but it gives a great impression of the Cuban atmosphere.
Thanks for the tip Bich Ngoc Cao!