Citroën BX 4TC at Techno Classica

This is a highly sought-after Citroën BX 4TC I found at the 2015 Techno Classica Essen.
The BX 4TC was Citroën’s weapon of choice in the 1986 Group B Rallying. But it only participated in three rallies because the Group B was canceled in late 1986.

The BX 4TC featured an enlarged nose to house the longitudinally placed 2,141,5 cc turbocharged engine, which delivered 200 hp in the street version. The five-speed manual gearbox originated from the Citroën SM. The body was adapted for rallying and Citroën’s unique hydropneumatic suspension remained. Four-wheel drive was present on all cars.

For homologation reasons 200 street legal models were built. But because of the poor build quality Citroën bought back as much cars as possible (presumably to be destroyed). Only 30 examples are believed to have survived.

This 1st-owner Citroën BX 4TC is a street-legal model from the Swiss car designer Franco Sbarro. The car was put on display in Sbarro’s design school ESPERA and as a result has only done 225 km! From what I could see the car looked brand new. The asking price is €210,000.