Citroën GS X2 “Flèches” at Techno Classica

The unique Citroën GS X2 “Flèches”(Arrows) was present at Techno Classica Essen 2015 on the Citroën booth. The colorful design was designed and completed by French artist Jean-Pierre Lihou in 1976.
It uses 73 different colours to symbolise the psychology of form. The colours vary from warm (front) to cold (at the rear). The arrows are bi-directional, but only one direction is notable at a time. This 1976 GS X2 features a flat-four cylinder engine with 1,222 cc, producing 64 hp.

The Citroën GS was produced from 1970 until 1979, when the GSA arrived. It was the model between the basic 2CV and Ami, and the luxurious DS. Its aerodynamic styling and fastback design (with Kamm tail) were unusual but very effective (a large boot was also present). This revolutionary design continued with the launch of the CX in 1974. Citroen’s famous smooth ride was also present on the GS with the hydropneumatic suspension on four independent wheels.