My Jaguar XJ40 professionally detailed

With this post I want to share something about my classic XJ which is of interest to any car owner. After acquiring a 1989 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign 3.6 last year, I had the interior professionally cleaned by Patrick at Quality-Shine. And to be honest, I was truly amazed to see the results. He not only cleaned the interior (including the trunk) but also completely revitalised the interior and the leather seats. Making the car a real pleasure to drive and enjoy some good old-fashioned British luxury!Jaguar XJ40 1989

So a while ago I decided to let Patrick do his magic on the outside of the car. Some small scratches were present and I also noticed some swirls on the trunk lid. And the paint in general deserved a overhaul since it looked a bit dull.
Additionally I also wanted the paint to be protected against outside influences (and make it easier to clean). Patrick suggested a ceramic top-layer by Gyeon instead of a traditional wax finish. This quartz-based material should keep the paint protected for 1-2 years (wax only lasts a few months).

So last friday morning I delivered the car to Patrick. Normally he does modern cars, but he was very eager to start on the XJ. I was already convinced by his professionalism from the previous job, but now he even measured the paint thickness and hardness to determine the correct polishing materials!
An additional factor to keep into account was the coachline which is basically a sticker, so he needed to be careful when polishing near it. In good confidence I left my beloved XJ40 in the hands of this experienced detailer.

Later that day, I received some pictures from an enthusiastic Patrick, showing me the impressive progress which was already made. And he was still polishing … By saturday evening the detailing was finished and all coatings were applied (but needed to harden).Jaguar XJ40 1989

Sunday evening I picked up the car and the moment Patrick opened the garage … wauw … what a sight to behold!
Jaguar XJ40 1989

Needless to say I was really impressed by the result. The paint looked so bright and shiny. The scratches and swirls were gone and the car looked almost new, a real compliment for a 25-year old car.
Unfortunately a little bit of rain (not unusual in Belgium) spoiled the ride a bit. But at the same time it also showed me the results of the quartz coating. The rain drops didn’t have any grip on the paint and slid of the car. This water-repellent quality is also called ‘beading’. Something I hope to witness for a long time!Jaguar XJ40 1989

Quality-Shine is Patrick’s one-man shop specialised in car detailing. He is really passionate about his job and offers real value for money. So it should not come as a surprise he has an international client portfolio, having worked on BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari, just to name some.

What I’m trying to say here is, if you want your car to receive a make-over, don’t hesitate to let a professional detailer have a go at it. Trust me, it can really make a difference. It makes the car more enjoyable to drive and to look at. And isn’t that what it is all about when you own a classic car?