Bentley EXP 10: a 911-killer?

Out of nowhere Bentley introduced the two-seated Bentley EXP 10 speed 6-concept car. It offers a glimpse of the Bentley’s future styling, but more importantly it announces a new model which could take on the Porsche 911.

The iconic British Racing Green paint highlights the contemporary interpretation of the Bentley design.
Although the world renowned British luxury remains in place, a hybrid power train ensures adequate power – exact specifications weren’t disclosed.

Bentley is taking great strides into modern technology; 3D metal printing technology was used to create the grille mesh, exhausts, door handles and vents. The interior blends a 12” touch screen and a digital dashboard with brown Poltrona Frau leather and exquisite aluminium detailing.

The cockpit-like cabin is more driver-focused than ever seen and emphasises Bentley’s intention to create a more driver-oriented experience with the upcoming model, where the current model range is mainly geared towards luxury and long-distance cruising.

Although nothing is said about the weight of the car it would surely need to be much lighter than the current models in order to offer a real sports car handling.