Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Coupé 1980

In 1978 Porsche introduced what was meant to be the last 911, the Porsche 911 SC. It replaced the 911s (in the USA & Canada) and in the rest of the world the 911, 911s, 911 Carrera (all 2.7) and the rare 911 Carrera 3.0. Since the late 70s Porsche was trying to attract more customers with better reliability, more comfort and easier handling. The SC (Super Carrera) was the first Porsche to feature a fully galvanised body shell.

And to further enhance the reliability it used the unblown 3.0 litre engine of the Turbo-model. This engine delivered 180 hp from the start in 1978 but was gradually upgraded to 204 hp in 1981. It featured the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and was adapted to achieve a flatter torque curve. The five-speed gearbox offered taller ratios to profit from the smooth torque output and also resulted in better emissions. These changes were all intended to make the 911 more accessible to drive.
Comfort options became standard throughout its lifecycle: power windows, air conditioning, even a centre console for additional storage space. In 1980 the rear seats were upholstered.

In 1982 Porsche introduced the convertible (cabriolet), which was the first Porsche convertible since the 356 in the mid 60s. From that time on each 911 model featured a convertible variant.

The 928 (introduced in 1977) was supposed to replace the 911 but the phenomenal sales of the 911 Turbo 3.3 (930) and this SC secured the faith of the 911. The 928 never became the success Porsche had envisioned and the 911 remained the stronghold of Porsche’s model range up to now. Even the 944 (1982-1991) never could surpass the 911’s iconic status and sales.
This clearly illustrates the importance of the SC model. Because the 928 and 944 never would have been able to compensate for the loss of 911 sales. Indicating that the SC played in major role in Porsche’s survival.

Porsche 911 SC CoupéThis 1980 911 3.0 SC Coupé has only 133,000 km and is imported from Switzerland. It is unrestored and features the original light brown upholstery. The electric sunroof, air conditioning, tinted glass, power windows and mirrors make it a luxurious 911, to say the least….

The 911 is always instantly recognisable, but there are a few features that make this particular example stand out a bit more. For me the dark green paint is absolutely spot on, giving this car a well deserved distinctive look. While the Fuchs rims and Hella front fog lights make sure you don’t forget it race heritage.
Those flared rear arches are one of the great design highlights which give the 911 such a muscular stance, especially when viewed from the rear.
On the inside the light interior really makes the interior look more spacious.  All in all a great looking 911!

This Porsche 911 SC is being offered by Gallery Brummen (NL).

Check out the video of this car and don’t forget to dial up the volume to enjoy the lovely engine sound.