Ferrari 488 GTB

The Ferrari 488 GTB turbocharges

The successor of the 458, the Ferrari 488 GTB - Gran Turismo Berlinetta - is introduced exact 40 years after the debut of the 308 GTB. Its twin-turbocharged 3.9 litre V8 offering 661 hp and 760nm of torque, rep...
Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan, the 800 hp race car

Aston Martin … V12 … +800 hp … drop-dead gorgeous design ... cool name Vulcan… does that sound good? Well, actually it sounds awesome (see, or better, listen to the video below).
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6

Bentley EXP 10: a 911-killer?

Out of nowhere Bentley introduced the two-seated Bentley EXP 10 speed 6-concept car. It offers a glimpse of the Bentley’s future styling, but more importantly it announces a new model which could take on the ...
Jaguar Land Rover in Spectre

Jaguar Land Rover in new Bond Movie

Besides the Aston Martin DB 10 (driven by James Bond - Daniel Craig), Jaguar Land Rover will provide three models to feature in the 24th James Bond movie, SPECTRE. The Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations team...
Aston Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 for James Bond 007

Out of nowhere the Aston Martin DB10 was announced. But before you get too excited: it's a limited run of 10 cars exclusively created for the upcoming James Bond movie, SPECTRE. It also celebrates the 50-year ...