Jaguar at Techno Classica

At the 2015 Techno Classica Jaguar was trying to grab some attention between the ubiquitous Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini, BMW and Mercedes. The Jaguar booth only featured 3 Jaguars and two Land Rovers (a Defender and one of the first Range Rovers). Honestly I was a bit disappointed by the number of cars (and no XJ present), but the three cars were pristine examples.

The 1935 SS 1 Fixed Head Coupé was basically the first Jaguar ever. Originally named the Swallow Sidecar Company, with the unfavorable initials SS, the company name was changed into Jaguar in 1935.Jaguar SS1

The 2001 XKR 100, was a limited production model (500) celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jaguar’s founder Sir William Lyons. It looked stunning and aggressive at the same time.Jaguar XKR 100

The 1975 XJ-S V12 was the first XJ-S and featured a whopping 5.3 litre V12 with 285 hp.Its 0-60 mph (96km/h) in 7.6 seconds made the XJ-S more than able to compete with its Italian rivals. Unfortunately the styling was not well received especially because it was the successor of the widely acclaimed E-Type. But nowadays the XJ-S is slowly gathering a loyal following.Jaguar XJ-S V12

Outside the official Jaguar booth not that much Jaguars were to be found. Some E-types of course, but not in the same numbers as its German and Italian counterparts.Jaguar E-type

Luckily I found this astonishing 1956 XK 140 Drophead Coupé (DHC) in dark grey featuring some gorgeous classic lines. And those closed wheel arches, just lovely!Jaguar XK 140 Drophead