Unique Porsche 912 1968

***Update 16/01/2016: This car is no longer for sale***

Did you ever dream of owning an iconic Porsche 912? Well, this is your chance to own a pristine and unique Porsche 912.
Prior to the purchase of the car in 2010 by its current owner, it received a major restoration by the renowned Porsche specialist Mark Allen. This restoration was done by the highest standards and photographs of the entire process are available on request.
The car is stored (with a cover) in a heated/air conditioned garage. Every two weeks it is driven (never in the rain) and every year the oil is changed. Furthermore, the current owner is a detailing specialist, which resulted in many hours of lovingly waxing and polishing this gorgeous 912.

This 912 was a special order from Carlsen Porsche of San Francisco, California. It features a black leather interior and the unique special order “Golden Green” colour. A colour (#62165) only featured on a handful of 912s. Setting this 912 even more apart from other examples. The included Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) from Porsche confirms its original colour and matching number engine & transmission.

This 1968 Porsche 912 features:

  • Matching numbers throughout.
  • Five-speed transmission.
  • Original colour Golden Green #62165.  A truly rare colour.
  • Original mileage of 57,308 miles.
  • Originally sold at Stan Carlsen Porsche – in downtown San Francisco, California.
  • Originally ordered Air Conditioning, which is disabled and all parts are carefully packaged.
  • Wood steering wheel.
  • 1968 only Fuchs alloy wheels.
  • Becker Europa radio functioning perfectly with original Hirschman locking antenna.
  • Hella 128 Fog lights.
  • Bosch H4 headlights with original early European Bosch glass.
  • Originally optioned 356 style headrests.
  • Bosch 1968 US spec side reflectors, only found on 1968 model.
  • Koni suspension, front sway-bar.
  • Amco rear bumper bar.
  • Original owner’s manual, emissions supplement, complete tool kit, jack, original keys – Doors & Glove box.
  • All original interior, all factory supplied and in excellent shape.
  • Original US spec emission equipment: Smog Pump, …
  • Custom coco mats.
  • Custom two piece front-end cover bra.
  • Original license plate frame from Stan Carlsen Porsche.
  • Brand new Vredestein tires.
  • Photograph of original owner taking possession in Carlsen, next to the car.
  • All original keys.
  • Headlight baskets.
  • A brand new Optima battery.
  • The official Porsche COA Certificate.

The car is in such a pristine state that I’m convinced it looks better than when it left the Porsche factory. It also runs beautifully, features a well-documented history, and has an optima battery with everything working perfectly, including the clock and radio. And last but not least, a low mileage of only 57,308. No need to say this car is a guaranteed future investment. A true collector car.